Guess Who’s Back / March 23rd, 2019

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Alright so here’s the deal.

Job hunting got more serious and after lots of interviews, applications and nos, I now have a job as an Application Development specialist with IBM in Baton Rouge.

I’m settling in quite nicely so things should pick up again. You might have noticed that I did a game jam (sort of) and I intend to get back to article drafting and whatnot.

The only other major thing that might be on your mind is WHEN IS CHROMA COMING OUT? And honestly…. I have no idea.

Chroma might just be a little puzzle game but it’s basically my baby and I don’t want to put it out there until I know that it’s the best it can be. The current plan is to work on and put out some of my other smaller projects and see where things go. Chroma will get done before the year’s over no matter what but maybe expect Phoenix Essence or Azure to come out on your phones first before you can experience Chroma.

I honestly feel that even if I make less stuff it will be more regular now that I don’t have to worry about unemployment. So expect an update or article every other week or so (but no promises).

So yeah… time to get back to work.

(Well, this isn’t my job so I guess it I’m not really…. You know what I mean).