Chroma (In Development)

An upcoming puzzle game that will be coming to mobile devices, Chroma will have you stretch your creative thinking skills with light, space and color.
You can go to its page on the site HERE


Missouri History Museum Virtual Reality

A digital initiatives internship I made with the Missouri Historical for a possible look at what a full exhibit might look like on your smart-phone. You can still download the prototype on itch.io.


Resume and other Relevant Work

Employers rejoice! Here is my resume (and other small projects to look at).
So far I've graduated from Ripon College with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Virtual Narrative and Design as well as Philosophy. Along the way I've picked up some good experience. Look inside for all the salacious details, like: Augmented Reality Content Consultant, or (shudders) Technical skills in... Object Oriented Programming and Productivity Application/Operating Systems.
You can go to my resume page HERE