THe Worst of us:
The Loudest Minority


Well a lot has happened since last Friday, midterms, blizzard’s convention, midterms, a new Overwatch character was announced, midterms and, I’m not sure if I mentioned this but MIDTERMS WERE YESTERDAY. AAAAUUUGHGUFGDHUGHSDIFU SPHF:E -

Yeah… Let’s not talk about politics and instead talk about… politics! Like, game politics. Not legislation concerning voting rights, abortion or marijuana legalization. Only the REAL important issues. Like Blizzard’s conspiracy against PC gamers AND THEIR CHINESE DIABLO CLONE HOW COULD THEY DO THIS OH MY GO-

But seriously, and possibly more pressing than the completely out of line reaction from Diablo fans is Riot’s situation at the moment. There have been rumors about sexual msconduct and “boy’s club” antics within the studio that’s given us League of Legends but now the company is finally responding to sexual assault allegations made against some of its employees.

I highly recommend reading Kotaku’s piece on Lacy’s experience at Riot. It gives a much clearer picture of the situation on an internal level and gives proper context for the allegations and lawsuit being filed against the company.

These incidents, stories of overworking developers and the perception of the “core” gaming market.

The one thing ruining gaming for everyone are “gamers” and their immature mentality.

Let’s call them what they are… Jerks

Now if you play games and enjoy it. You’re a gamer. Board games… gamer. Mobile games…. gamer. Tabletop RPG, Visual Novel, Arcade Fighting, MOBA, Call of Duty or Pokemon Snap. Gamer, gamer, gamer, gamer, gamer, and gamer! There’s no reason for gate-keeping or limiting the scope of gaming as a hobby.

Supporting and upholding this distinction may not make you a jerk but casting aside the biggest market for gaming or dismissing entire genres based on an arbitrary idea of what a game is… limiting to say the least.

Now I’m calling out these “gamers” as jerks because I don’t think the “core” gaming crowd represents most of us. These crowds are often demographically unrepresentative, being overly white and male. However my issue is not with demographic but the attitude that prevails in that environment. One of the main reasons that I haven’t gotten into League of Legends (other than their apparently sexist business culture) or a lot of fps’s is the toxic culture surrounding competition. Even in Overwatch, a game that I enjoy playing and, in my experience, has a much better community surrounding it than other games, I encounter bad apples all the time. I really appreciate the endorsement system Blizzard has implemented for encouraging good behavior (Especially since I basically get rewarded for acting essentially the same pre-endorsements).