Chroma is coming out September 2019!
And it’s going to be @the 2019 PixelPop Festival!

Play a SHort Demo Today!

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Rainbw plus Chroma.png

A puzzle game that explores

the implications of

light and space.

An elegant experience

Wrap your mind around the implications of light and Non-Euclidian space with the Chroma pieces. The deceptively simple conceit of flinging tokens and matching colors will be sure to meaningfully challenge your brain. Pull, shoot, collide and mix different colors to achieve intellectual dominance over the realms of light and space.

What was once a school project for an aspiring game designer will be a fun set of logic puzzles coming soon.


Chroma was at PixelPop 2018!

You probably already know if you follow @ThatOwlGuy on twitter or ThatOwlGuyDev on facebook but Chroma presented at PixelPop! Thanks to everyone that arrived, came by the booth and played my game. Here's a bit of what you guys had to say.*

“Don’t make it easier! I love this!”

“The music is beautiful.”

“This is so addictive.”

"Very intuitive design."


"It was awesome."

"It’s good. I like it. Very solid.”

“ooohhhh… That’s interesting.”

"It's a Pretty Solid Game"

*All quotes presented here were taken down in an informal survey for design purposes and are, therefore, anonymous